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Confessing To You ( Annie x Reader )
You could remember the first day you laid your eyes on her. The beautiful blonde hair, Crystal like blue eyes. She was perfect... Since that day your number one priority was to confess to her, but after you got to know her personality everything was harder than you thought it would be. 
You would often try to talk with her, but she would just walk away, leaving you with a sad face. Only thing you could do was stare at her for hours and days. Daydreaming about the beautiful girl saying "I love you too!" And kissing you passionately... Oh how much you wanted that...
As if the goddesses Maria, Rose and Sina heard your prayers, Keith Shadis said that your partner in Hand-to-Hand combat training would be Annie Leonhardt. This most likely meant that you would have a hard time walking from the pain, but happiness overtook you... Maybe, just maybe you could at least become her friend!
"Hey, Annie! Over here!" You shouted, waving your hand in the air so the blonde could see you well. She d
:iconmarixrush:Marixrush 161 125
AOT | Dance With Me [Annie x Reader] : RQ
Yuri alert.  Please be advised that this fan fiction is girl to girl love.
Thank you and good day.
Dance With Me
         You walked through the school halls in search of Annie.  Where could she be?  You had told her that you'd be waiting for her at your locker.  You remembered where her locker was, of course.  You immediately started tracking her down.  Then, you finally saw her.  Gently pushing aside people with an 'excuse me', you went near Annie.
"Hi Annie!"  you tried to keep up a smile even though you were panting madly.
"[Name], isn't your locker all the way in the next department?  Why are you here?"  she asked you calmly.
"Looking for you, of course!  I didn't see you at our little meeting place so I thought that you forgot about it!"  you whined, catching your breath.
"Actually, I do remember about it.  Didn't say I'd agree, though.  You left before I can give my answer
:iconterrahilgard:terrahilgard 84 8
Annie x Fem! Reader
*(Warning: May contain slightly mature material)*
        So... This is my first fanfic on this website... so yeah... sorry if it sucks
     Annie slowly pushed through the old worn down doors of the crowed cafeteria, searching for her two friends... well more like forced friends, for reasons I'd rather not get into.
     It wasn't hard for her to spot them, after all they were the tallest cadets in the whole trainee squad, they sat quietly exchanging words on the upcoming torcher that Shadis would surely put them all through today. After grabbing a tray of the gruel they were expected to believe was food , Annie made her way towards the table that seemed to be farther away from everyone, and sat down on the creaky bench across from the two teenage boys, Reiner and Bertoldt.
      Reiner's eyes locked with Annie's, her glare was a li
:iconamatryoshkadoll:AMatryoshkaDoll 51 1
Make Me (Annie x Fem!Reader)
“Hey Annie!” you shouted cheerfully as you exited the girls' dorm and sat yourself next to the shorter blonde who sat by herself at a vacant seat on the front porch. Annie jerked up in her seat and stared at your (e/c) eyes with her usual stoic expression.
“(F/n), must you always be so loud?” she asked you with a exasperated sigh and leaned back in her chair. You noticed it looked like she had just woke up. Her hair was down instead of in her usual up-do, and she had dark rings under her large eyes.
“Sorry... did you just wake up from a nap or something? You've got major bed head.”
“Yes. And so?” she bluntly asked. “Does it bother you?”
“What? No! Of course not!” you exclaimed waving your hands in front of you, feeling bad. “You look beautiful no matter what! Like always.”
Your comment caused Annie's heart to flutter, and her stomach turn to butterflies. God, she hated when you made her feel like this.
:iconladyempathy:LadyEmpathy 385 48
[Modern!AU] Kissing Booths [Annie x Reader]
It was a mystery to you. Standing in the cold, with the lights of lanterns reflecting from your cheeks, you stared out into the crowd, who seemed to avoid you more as time passed on. You never considered yourself to be truly repulsive, at least no to where you should be avoided to such amplitude; and according to a certain bald gentleman, there were two people that you definitely knew to have a crush on you, one was Nac, and the other you only knew that they secretly harbored feelings for you. Surely if they found you attractive, some others must have. That's why you didn't understand exactly why no one came to your booth.
“I told those idiots I didn't want to do this,” you hissed between deep breaths of chilly night air and shivered in place, fervently rubbing your shoulders to build some type of warmth. Your time was not only being wasted, it was being wasted in the cold. You were going to kill Christa for suggesting this, and then maybe kill Levi...or at least attempt to
:iconvariafran:VariaFran 156 11
Archery ( Sasha x Reader ) Drabble
You were sitting in the mess hall with Ymir and Christa, your best friends. Looking at the food you were eating everyday with a disgusted face, Sasha appeared out of nowhere, looking at you with puppy eyes
"(Y/n) Could you please give me your food?" She asked with an adorable face. A random idea came to your mind and you smirked
"I will give you my food, 3 days straight if you learn me how to use a bow and an arrow" You put a hand on her shoulder
"Really?! And all I have to do is learn you Archery?!" Sasha asked with her beautiful brown eyes sparkling and you nodded with a smile
~Timeskip by Pixis twerking~
"Okay (Y/n), Do you know the right way to catch a bow?" Sasha asked with a smile
"Pfft, Of course I do!" You said, getting the bow in your hand and Sasha giggled
"That's not how you do it! Let me show you" Sasha caught your hand, putting it under the arrow and the other one pulling the bowstring while holding the arrow
"The way your hand is holding the arrow is called "Split finger"
:iconmarixrush:Marixrush 83 44
Chocolate Kiss - Sasha x Reader - Short YURI
[contains moderate yuri elements]
A few of my readers remarked that this ship needed to be done, so.... 8D So yeah.  Here it is.  Short and sweet, pun totally intended.  May or may not be linked to the 'Just Be' series featuring Jean x Tsundere!Reader.  Totally up to the reader. With that, I hope you enjoy... 8D
--- Chocolate Kiss --
Who would have thought that a silly and somewhat inappropriate game could be this much fun? Over the last few minutes of dinner, the idea had suddenly popped into your head, leaving you grinning with mad, diabolical glee.  As such, you put forth your proposal to the rest of the girls at your table, taking delight in each of their respective reactions.
Ymir knew the rules of the game, and grinned her mischief.
Christa had absolutely never heard of the game until now.  Once Ymir explained it to her, her face burned bright red.
Mina was more wild and enthusiastic about the idea than any normal girl ought to be.
Mikasa, surprising
:iconcherrypikkins:cherrypikkins 377 133
Still Here - Annie Leonhardt x TitanShifter!Reader
~A/N: Contains spoilers for people who haven't watched the entire anime.~

Musing through memories,
Losing my grip in the grey.
Numbing the senses,
I feel you slipping away.
Fighting to hold on,
Clinging to just one more day
Love turns to ashes,
With all that I wish I could say.

“Annie? Why didn’t you just tell me..?”
Tears fell down your dull eyes as you looked at Annie. You both have been best friends since you both joined the military. She didn’t want you to become her friend, but because you wouldn’t leave her alone she decided to let you become her friend. Every-time you saw the stoic blonde you’d always approach her with a smile on your face. Ever since you both graduated you joined her side at the Military Police. Even though you didn’t like the rude snobs and intended to join the Scouts, you loved Annie so much you followed her. She denied the request at first but eventually
:icondemoticdreams:demoticdreams 114 21
Mature content
Warmth [Annie Leonhardt/Fem!Reader] :iconarizonatea207:ArizonaTea207 75 21
Break The Ice( Mikasa x Reader x Annie ) Chap 1(?)
The first day of graduation... It was finally here! So many soldiers were standing and saluting, but you had a hard time finding your childhood friend; Sasha Braus. You were worried she sneaked in the kitchen or somewhere to the food supply room... You two would get in trouble, because you were too kind to leave your best friend alone, in any situation.
Mikasa and Annie were looking at the graduate's with stoic faces and what their eyes landed on next, left their mouths and eyes wide open. The girl's (H/l) (H/c) bangs were swaying in the wind and her (E/c) eyes were searching for someone. The two females suddenly felt jealousy for the lucky person that the beautiful girl's eyes were wondering around for.
Sasha quickly appeared to your side, eating a potato with a concentrated face. You could often remember her with that face while you two were hunting.
"Sasha! Put the potato down! Before the scary bald man will se-" Your whispers were cut off
"Hey. Fucker." The said man shouted and you
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School of Witchcraft and Wizardry :iconskyeexcalibur:SkyeExcalibur 151 0



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