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Sleeping Bags (Vriska x Female!Reader)
"You have got to be kidding me," a voice sneers from above you as you struggle to roll your sleeping bag back up. "It is not that hard."
You glance up to see a strange-looking girl crossing her arms--- one arm seemingly being robotic. On top of some yellow-orange horns and pale gray skin. Raising an eyebrow, you allow the stupid thing to unroll; it was a bad job anyway. "Would you care to show me how it's done, in that case?"
The troll (that is what they're called, right?) rolls her eyes, flipping her long black hair away from her face. "No. Figure it out yourself, human."
You can't help but notice how pretty she is; you've been known to flip tastes from guys to girls, but damn, with someone like that, who could blame you? All those curves, that luscious hair, even the glasses that compliment her face shape... "Yet I see you're still here, miss..."
"Vriska," she smirks. "Vriska Serket, Thief of Light. Not that you have any idea what that means." Which is correct, you have absolutely no
:iconremembertheginger:remembertheginger 159 19
Are You Challenging Me? (Vriska x Reader)
Hello! ^^
The reader here could be a boy troll, boy human, human girl, troll girl. It is up to you, reader-chan. ;p But again, please tell me if there's any mistakes. ^^ Thank you.
Vriska's POV: (I love doing this! XD)
Dave Strider.
The fucking Strider boy.
Strider had a huge party tonight at his house, every-bitch was invited. I smirked knowing that my bitch would be here today. I loved teasing (her/him), I love it but I hate it when I see (her/him) sad. (he/she) drives me crazy! And it's pay back time. I'm gonna make (him/her) pay for making me feel this strange feeling. I did not know from where any of these feelings came from or what are these feelings called. I don't care.
"AH! Shit! Nepeta! Again?!"
Hehehe~ Here's the voice of my sweet lil' bitch. (y/n).
A smirk tugged at one corner of my mouth. (y/n)'s shirt was wet with the drink that Nepeta has spilled on (him/her). H
:icono-ironical-o:o-Ironical-O 198 104
Terezi x Shy!Reader - Tower of Power
All of your life, you’ve been on the quiet side. Always the follower, never the leader. You never minded being an abstract follower, and ever since kindergarten, you had dedicated yourself to following one particular person; Terezi Pyrope, the teal-blooded maniac that made your heart beat faster than a speeding racecar. You would follow her around any and every day, not that you had a choice at all.
Your current location was the fair. School had just ended and Terezi had dragged you to the fairgrounds, ready to experience what you, as a human, called ‘thrill.’ You had prepared yourself for the best, and also the worst. Considering the fact that Terezi had never experienced a human celebration as full-fledged as the county fair, but you would hopefully show her a good time - or the other way around, considering how hard she was yanking you along.
“C’mon, [Name],” She yelled back at you, “I’ve got to ride all of these rides. I am just achin
:iconxtanuki:xTanuki 226 41
Cold? [Jean Kirschtein x Reader]
   You wrapped your cloak around your shoulders, sitting in a corner of the brown couch. You watched the fireplace as the flames flickered and danced, your eyes half-lidded as the crackling of the fire soothed you. You heard the chatter of the other soldiers in the cafeteria, where you had decided to skip dinner and lay in the common area. You your cloak around you tighter as the door opened and soldiers filed in. They were covered in snow, hoods up and hands covered with leather gloves. You breathed out, watching your breath swirl and disappear into the air. They finally closed the door, and you closed your eyes. You felt the couch sink, and opened your eyes to see Jean sitting next to you. You groaned. 
    "What's up, horse face?" You said as you crossed your arms and leaned back in the chair. 
    "Well [Name], what a great thing to come back to after freezing my ass off cleaning those damn stables." he huffed out as he layed an arm on the to
:iconarizonatea207:ArizonaTea207 181 25
JeanxReader - Sunburn [AU]
Entering my room, I quickly changed out of my swimwear and into regular clothes while Jean changed in my bathroom. He and I had gone to Marco’s house for a pool party to spend a hot summer day together with all of our friends. Although I was happy I could be with them, the prolonged swimming and exposure to social activity had left me both physically and mentally exhausted. After four hours at Marco’s, I had decided to leave, and since I was Jean’s ride, he had no choice but to come with me.
I glanced at my face in the mirror hanging on my wall and frowned at the pink coloring my cheeks and shoulders. It looked a lot worse than it felt, though; it only stung when I applied pressure.
“Holy hell!” Jean shouted from the bathroom, causing me to jump as I slipped on a pair of denim shorts. Curious, I headed out of my room toward the closed bathroom door.
“Jean?” I said, leaning closer to the door. “You okay in there, buddy?”
I heard him
:iconravens-of-rome:Ravens-of-Rome 244 33
Sick as a Horse Jean x Reader
“Ugh…my stomach,” you groaned, your knees rising to your chest on the couch.
“I told you not to eat that tuna,” Jean sighed, “And look where it got you.”
“Yeah yeah.”
You hated being sick. You and Jean had gone to a sushi festival with Marco and Armin, but you didn’t think there’d be contaminated sushi there. You had thought nothing would go wrong since your three best friends were with you, but nope. That night, Jean stayed over at your house for a sleepover, and the two of you had lots of fun screaming at horror movies, chatting about things, sharing jokes, and playing some video games. Last night was the best. At around five am, you suddenly woke up the stomach problems, and lived in the bathroom until Jean woke up and carried you back to the sofa. “I hope I don’t have a parasite,” you grumbled, “Like on that show Monsters Inside me.”
“I highly doubt it. You weren’t in any for
:iconwhitesoulninja69:whitesoulninja69 133 33
Braces~ HomestuckXReader (Nepeta Leijon)
  Nepeta Leijon. She giggled cutely, olive cat's eyes sparkling, blue tail waving. "Are mew okay, (Y/N)? You seem so grumpy!" She said, a bit playfully, tilting her head, also adorably. I blushed a little, muttering under my breath as I picked myself off the ground. 
 "Yeah, I'm fine..." I sighed. She gave me a questioning look and came over to me, giving me a tight hug. My blush deepened and my heart rate sped up.
 "Is there something bothering mew? I can tail you're not compurrletely alright..." She murmured into my shoulder, flicking her tail over my back comfortingly. "Mew know mew can tail me anything." I sighed. That's just the thing... I thought. I shakily wrapped my arms around the cat-troll, returning her hug quickly. 
 "Yep. I'm okay. I just got these..." I pulled away and opened my mouth so she could see the olive and (f/c) braces. Her eyes widened.
 "(Y/N)! Those look painful! Do they hurt mew?!" Nepeta looked a little upset. 
:iconlupineoffset:lupineOffset 47 12
The Art Store (Terezi X Reader)
The Art Store (Terezi X Reader)
Hmm. The Art store, perhaps? Yes, that does seem good. You smiled to yourself, remembering the money that sat in the pocket of your bag, just waiting to be spent. You might as well buy some new pencils or something, plus the art store is a great place to visit, small but cute, even containing a small cafe. Tucking your hands in your pockets, you made your way down the street, smiling slightly, the air only the slightest bit cold, enough to keep you awake, but not enough to send you reeling back inside. If it wasn't so early, you might have been enjoying yourself a little more, but the looming knowledge that you could still be in bed was pretty hard to ignore.
Hot chocolate, ______. Think of the Hot chocolate. Damn, the cafe at the Art store did make good Hot Chocolate. Marshmallows and everything. The thought of Hot chocolate making you walk a little faster, you pushed past a large crowd of people who had decided to congregate right in your way, p
:icongh0stys:Gh0stys 82 39
parfum. | mike
life doesn’t tend to be particularly normal-- you’re usually too occupied working on documents or checking up on your squad. but for now, everything seems to be going well. listening to hanji and erwin’s idle conversation, you eventually manage to tune them out.
that is, until they stop talking and start staring at you-- or rather, whatever it is behind you.
and that’s when you hear a large sniff that is dangerously close. your body freezes in both immense confusion and discomfort, but regardless, you force yourself to turn around, a very, very tall blond leaning way too close to you.
you’re really tempted to hit him right now. but instead, your bewildered expression only stares at his entertained one.
“you should stop doing that,” erwin sighs, although he’s clearly finding humor in the situation.
if he wasn’t your commander, your hand may have slipped and somehow hit his face.
another sniff.
and then hanji laughs.
:iconciiren:ciiren 239 38
Cough Syrup: Sick Sollux X Reader
I do not own any rights to Homestuck or any of its characters. Homestuck is owned by Andrew Hussie. Enjoy :)
" Sollux Captor, don't make me say it again."
" Fuck off!"
" Is that any way to talk to your matesprit who only wants you to get better?"
" Jutht fuck off, I'm not drinking that thit."
I let out a big sigh, knowing very well that lispy over here is going to be stubborn. Poor Sollux caught a cold, which trolls aren't very customed to quite yet, so being the totally awesome matesprit that I am, I'm nursing him back to health. Well after his first dose of the cough syrup, he won't drink it anymore. I only need him to take it one more time in hopes of calming- *Sollux lets out a fit of coughs* to hopefully calm THAT down.
" I'll use force if I have to."
" Ha that'th a laugh, you know I'm thronger than you [name]?"
" Oh don't worry, I'll win." I give him a smirk full of confidence, causing him to feel a bit uneasy. I throw on leg over him, straddling him.
His yellow tinted skin growi
:icontohruhinada:TohruHinada 9 8
Honey and Lemon- Sollux x Sick!Reader
[f/n]= first name
I won’t be typing in a lisp, because I would inaccurately write a lisp due to never hearing it in person.
   I feel so gross, like I’m nothing more but a sculpture of sweat and snot. And despite my face burning up, my body shivers in a chill when it’s not even cold. So here I am, my trembling body wrapped in a blanket, as I watch Sollux tap away at my computer. I should be in bed, but I’ve practically slept the day away until night approached, and now I’m no longer able to at least sleep through the shivers, drool, and snot. T.V. gives me a headache, I’m unable to focus on reading, and I lack the spirit to play video games, so I opted to listen to the calming tapping of keyboard keys in the presence of the troll I love.
Though, he doesn’t know I love him. The only reason he’s here is he happened to call me, and I erupted into a fit of coughing. I was shocked when he insisted on coming over, claiming a si
:iconnovaseeker:NovaSeeker 25 3
A chance at a Bucket? ~SolluxxReader~
Sollux was sitting at his computer, hands folded below his chin, glaring at his computer screen. He could hear the shower water running- you were in there. You were staying at his hive, as yours had been destroyed by a strife between you and your lusus. It wasn't too much of a problem- you WERE matesprits after all….well, it was more like a kind of scarlet relationship, instead of a normal red, you were both slightly darker. Anyways…..
There was a message screen up on his screen from two weeks ago on Trollian. He himself had been frustrated at the time, and his friend, Karkat, had made it all the worse. He read it over, remembering all the emotions going through him at the time…
~flashback two weeks. Nyeh.~
-- carcinoGeneticist [CG] began trolling twinArmageddons [TA] at 04:13 –
TA: great. what the hell do you want kk?
TA: …ii2 there a rea2on you're botheriing me?
:icondarkest-crystal72:Darkest-Crystal72 621 524
Reader x sollux (don't forget the bucket)
 Savannah's p.o.v,
"Savannah, come help me with this crappy computer" _____ yelled from my computer room. I sighed heavily she was a great friend but was a real pain in the butt sometimes. 
   "No just get sollux  to help you, my laziness is overpowering me" I snorted sarcastically, knowing that the only reason I wasn't getting up is because I was too busy watching karkat.
I heard _____ groan loudly in the other room, with a 67% chance of her blushing since she had the worlds biggest crush on sollux. I chuckled obnoxiously at her annoyance, but I knew she'd get me back so it was ok that I laughed. Today I had a deep feeling in my gut that today was one of the days she would get me back, so I would keep my eyes peeled. Karkat looked at me suspiciously as I  chewed my thumb, deep in thought. That was like my annoying little habit, still not really paying attention any more I didn't notice that Karkat's face was but
:iconhetalia1127:hetalia1127 67 33
Astraphoboa ~ Vriska x Female!Reader
(mkay, I’ve noticed a lot of Vriska x Female!Readers have the reader as the seme and Vriska as the uke. No. Stop. In this one, YOU’RE THE UKE. DEAL WITH IT. TITS OR GTFO. Enjoy your fanfic :3 *READ DESCRIPTION FOR STORY GIST*)
.:Your POV:.
You lay in bed, covering in the covers. There was a thunder storm outside, a really loud one too.
It wouldn’t be a big deal to you if you hadn’t drained the battery on your iPod. So now instead of falling asleep to a few Marina and the Diamonds songs, maybe one song by Mayday Parade, and then an episode of Welcome to Night Vale, you have to cry yourself to sleep to the obnoxious cracks of thunder.
You curl up in bed, feeling helpless and alone. The only person home with you is your secret crush, Vriska, but you know that if you went to her, she’d just laugh and tell you to back here.
That was the thing with Vriska. She is very beautiful, she’s nice to you and considers you an even better friend than a moirail could
:iconapocalyptic-galaxy:Apocalyptic-Galaxy 115 18
Swim party Vriska x reader
A black one piece without a back, and white spider webs and blue spiders design…….
You looked at it a bit before looking up at (f/n), “seriously?” they laughed at your expression and pulled out their phone, sending a text to someone before looking back at you, “yes I’m serious!” you stood up and walked down to the living room, sitting on the couch and turning on the TV.
(f/n) stood in front of the TV, anger in their eyes, “(y/n) (last/n)! You will put that swim suit on and go to the party!” you chucked a pillow at your friend, the pillow of course, missing. You groaned and fell onto the couch, “but (fffff/nnnnn), I don’t WANT to wear the swim suit!” the two of you sat in a different kind of silence until there was a knock at the door; (f/n) smiled and went to answer the door. When they came back in they leaned against the wall and smiled at you, “if you won’t put the swim suit on by yourself, I know s
:iconbrambledei:brambledei 157 20
It's Only Fair {Vriska x Fem!Reader}
Vriska <3
:iconprincesssakura1221:PrincessSakura1221 155 51



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